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The LOWEST PRICES on translations in Kiev!

This is the policy of our company!


The LOWEST PRICES on translations in Kiev!

This is the policy of our company!




How to order Apostille?

To order Apostille send e-mail [email protected]:

  • good copy of your document where the Apostille stamp is needed;
  • specify the country for which you should apostillize the document;
  • specify whether you need translation and notarisation;
  • desired date of the execution of the order);
  • Your mob. telephone number.

Do you need a consultation about legalization and Apostille stamping?

Or call our experts by phone: (044) 223-23-88, (044) 234-48-10.

Ask our manager directly on the site!

For what countries Apostille is necessary?

Apostille seal must be placed on documents of Ukrainian sample, which will later be used in the countries that have signed the Hague Convention. This convention by its decision of October 5, 1961 abolishes the legalization of any other official documents issued in other countries, which are included in the list of countries that have signed the agreement. See the list of participating countries, as contained in the link.

What documents do not need to be Apostilled?

On the basis of the above, Apostille can not be stamped on the documents for those countries which have not signed the Hague Convention, and they are not in the list of participating countries. In this case, you need a consular legalization. In this regard, refer to the specialists of our agency and we will offer consultation about Apostille (legalization) and related services such as translation, notarization of the translator's signature. Our consultancy managers knowledgeably determine what kind of legalization is needed for your document or list of documents and offer as high as possible easy terms for the cost, terms of apostille service, legalization, translation and notarization.

If you are abroad, that’s not a problem. Send us e-mail [email protected]evodov.com and we will write in details how to arrange the necessary documents for you with our help without coming to Ukraine. We have a great practice of working with foreign countries, all documents are delivered by reliable courier service private and confidential, customers are satisfied by our services

If you prepare package of documents for exhibiting countries of Hague Convention, and between our countries signed an agreement on the simplification of procedures for legalization, but the foreign institution still requires apostille on documents, then you can do not hesitate to contact us. Countries, among which signed an agreement on the simplified system of legalization - it's mostly the former Soviet republics and some other countries. In our list of participating countries, these countries are marked with an asterisk "*". For these countries, you do not need to put Apostille on documents.

So, be determined with  the necessary type of legalization or apostille stamp consular stamp on the document, we will translate the document in compliance with all standards of ISO and translation rules, as soon as possible will do notarisation and will submit the notarized translation for stamping second Apostille in case of need.

We offer you to see for yourself in quality and reliability of services provided by our translation agency!

What documents and notarized copy can be endorsed with an Apostille?

According to the rules, which are approved by the order №237 / 803/151/5 of 05.12.2003 by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and Ministry of Education of Ukraine. According to paragraph 2 of these rules Apostille may be stamped on:

  • documents which are issued by judicial authorities of Ukraine;
  • documents which are issued by procuracy authorities and by regional and city authorities of Ukraine;
  • documents which are issued by procuracy authorities and by regional and city authorities of Ukraine;
  • documents that issued by private or public notaries;
  • on the documents that issued by the regional and city authorities of Civil Registry Office of Ukraine;
  • documents that signed by individuals which are draft and certified by a public or private notary;
  • translations that are  stitched to a copy or to the original document and are  notarise. 

According to the amendments of August 13, 2014 № 341/934/1335/5, as amended by Regulation of the stamp Apostille approved by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, Ministry of Education of Ukraine, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, allowed to apostille the following documents: 

  • identity cards;
  • passport;
  • employment book;
  • gun licences;
  • military registration cards;
  • vehicle registration certificates.

How to stamp Apostille on passport?

For apostille you only need to give us the passport original. Members of our translation agency will notarize a notarial copy and will submit to put down Apostille. The original passport is necessary only while notarial certification of copy. After receiving the final document, which will already bear the stamp of Apostille, we translate into the needed language and will notarize the translation. Depending on a country you need an Apostille on a passport, its further executing may differ slightly. The difference will be in the target language and the design of the translated document.

Why you may need an Apostille on the passport?

Such document you should present for performing such actions like:

  • opening of a bank account;
  • registration of the company or entity;
  • executing a transaction;
  • representation of your interests in a court.

If you are not in Kiev and not even in Ukraine, then this service can be arranged with the assistance of the courier service with delivery from hand to hand. Experience has shown that the documents are delivered safely anywhere in the world.

How to stamp Apostille on the educational documents?

According to the Hague Convention, countries that are participating countries, shall bear the apostille stamp on official documents to submit them to the territory of another country – contrasting party of Hague Convention. Those countries that have not signed the convention, demand a consular legalization of educational documents, herewith Apostille is not stamps. 

How to stamp Apostille on original document.

It should be noted that the Apostille on the diploma or other qualification fix to the original document, not the notary or other copies. In the plastic diploma or diploma of another sample bore holes through which a ribbon attached document with Apostille, the document also contains a protective bar code.

After receiving the document from the procedure apostille from the Ministry of Education of Ukraine, our agency do the translation into required language, which shall be certified by a notary. For some countries Apostille is needed in a document’s translation, then we provide a notarized translation in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine for putting the second Apostille.

Professionals of “World translation” agency will give you a cue for what country and what legalization procedure or apostille is needed.

How to stamp Apostille on the documents issued by the civil registry offices in Ukraine?

These documents include:

  • birth certificate;
  • marriage certificate;
  • certificate of divorce;
  • death certificate;
  • certificate of change of name.

Only above original documents can be stamped by Apostille, it should be noted that the documents issued by the central body of Civil Registry Office of Kiev city, accepted to put down apostille immediately. If the document is issued by any other regional or municipal authorities of Civil Registry Office, then before applying it to the Apostille, you need to put on a document an official seal of the regional or city department of Justice of Ukraine.

Seal of regional or municipal Justice department puts down on a bottom side of a document and average stamping takes from one to two workdays.

Also we are bringing to your notice that the documents which are issued by the civil registry office till 1999 year, accepted for apostille through the notarized copy. In this case, you need to get a duplicate document of a new sample. Getting a new sample of documents is also a must for old-style certificates issued after 1991.

Why do apostille may be needed in the certificates that issued by the authorities of Civil Registry Office?

Apostille on birth certificates and others you may need for the following purposes:

  • for completion of documents for work abroad;
  • for completion of documents for international studies;
  • for marriage abroad;
  • for completion the documents for permanent place of residence;
  • for registration of legal entities;
  • to process any kind of business transaction.

If you are in another city, we are able remotely to put down Apostille on your documents and to do all other services related to the legalization of documents. You only should send us originals to our address in Kyiv. Our professionals will offer you a reasonable price and terms of service.



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