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The LOWEST PRICES on translations in Kiev!

This is the policy of our company!


The LOWEST PRICES on translations in Kiev!

This is the policy of our company!


Certified translation

Certified translations or in other words translation of documents succeed by notarial certification -one of the main services provided by our translation agency. For the effective implementation of given types of services we work in close rapport with some notaries in Kyiv city, who are territorially close to our office. This allows us in the shortest time to notarize number of documents and to suggest others notary services you are interested in.

How to order a certified translation?

To do this you need just to send us emai [email protected]:

  • scanned copy of your document or documents, or any other available format;
  • specify the target language;
  • specify the type of notarization (how the translation will be filed: to the copy or to the original of the document);
  • specify the number of copies;
  • desired date of the execution of the order;
  • Your mobile phone number.

Do you have a question or need additional information?

Or call the experts of our company by phone: (044) 223-23-88, (044) 234-48-10.

Ask our manager directly on the site!

Notary translation is a very popular service that is desirable among entities and persons. It is necessary for documents that in future will be used as official documents in the territory of Ukraine or abroad.

How to accomplish certified translation?

  1. To agree with the customer how to write their own names, company names.
  2. Document with all necessary information gives into good hand of qualified translator who specializes in actual subject.
  3. Translation compares with original text and certified translator signs the translation.
  4. The document stitches and authenticates by notary.
  5. The notary certifies the authenticity of the translator's signature and true copy of the document.
  6. Ready certified translation with copies as need gives back to client.

The sample of certified translation and legalization for certified translations:


You can also order an unlimited number of copies of the translation or notarial copies of notarized translation.

Certified translation is already legally binding document/ But if you need the document to be public in the territory of other countries, that before notarial certification of translation you should legalize the original by putting down apostille stamp or a stamp of consular legalization.

The advantages of work with our translation agency:


  1. Clear and correct performing of certified translation in the shortest time.
  2. An individual attention to each client, maintenance of all recommendations on the subject and format of the document.
  3. At your document will work exceptionally professionals and as a result full compliance with the customer's expectations of the work performed.


Our translation agency produces urgent and non-urgent certified translations.

Under urgent certified translation to the value adds margin of 50%. Urgent certified translations are done on the same day or on the morning of the next working day from the date of an order.

These terms refer to numerous  documents. If you have from one to five documents, our experts will have such non-urgent documents to the implementation of the tariff on the next working day after 14.00.

Urgency has no influence on quality in no case.

We suggest you to make sure yourself in the quality and speed of doing certified translation and other services in our translation agency!


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