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The LOWEST PRICES on translations in Kiev!

This is the policy of our company!


The LOWEST PRICES on translations in Kiev!

This is the policy of our company!


Consecutive interpretation

Consecutive interpretation is one of types of interpretation, key feature of which are pauses in speech of a speaker and they are necessary for the translator to implement a consistent translation. Pause to do short, as if the translator is a professional, he formulates the translation of the speech during the speech, and during the pause pronounces the translation.

This type of interpretation is often necessary when events with a relatively small audience involved. Consecutive interpretation is effective upon departure of an interpreter in the negotiations in the company, on production, on industrial facilities, business negotiations, followed by a tour of Kiev.

How can you order consecutive interpretation?

For ordering the consecutive interpretation just send us e-mail [email protected]:

  • request for consecutive interpretation;
  • specify for what type of event an interpreter is needed;
  • specify the date of carrying out interpretation (day, time or number of days and hours);
  • specify the target language;
  • Your mobile phone number.

Do you have any questions of consecutive interpretation or other services?  

Ask your question directly on the website.

Or call our experts by phone: (044) 223-23-88(044) 223-23-88, (044) 234-48-10(044) 234-48-10 .

What are the qualities of a consecutive interpreter?

  • excellent memory;
  • be fluent in the translation notation;
  • high concentration;
  • psychological and physical endurance;
  • to have the rich vocabulary.

The successful carrying out of consecutive interpretation depends not only on Translation Agency, which picks you consecutive interpreter, but also directly from the client.

You will need to provide a pretext and any other materials on the theme of your event. This will give the chance to interpreter to further explore the topics, terminology, fully immersed in the theme. Such training typically enables consistent and another type of interpretation at a high level.

If we talk about consecutive interpreting, consecutive interpreting in addition to all the above require the skill and professionalism towards their profession. Because the speakers are all different, and many speak with their disabilities. Therefore, the translator often have to translate is not always associated by the logic of the texts. And it can last from several hours up to 8 hours a day. 

Compared with simultaneous translation, consecutive can have a break every 30 minutes of work. Usually breaks are coffee breaks, but on a working day they can be no more than 3. Therefore, the sequential interpreter has to rely only on themselves. And even if payment is consecutive interpreter reaches the simultaneous payment, we should not forget the statistics that consecutive interpreter from 7 net hours translates to about 6 hours, but a simultaneous interpreter with the replacement of each other, carries out no more than 3 hours of pure translation.

In the exercise of consecutive interpretation can immediately see the difference between a professional who is well-trained and less experienced interpreter. In the second case, instead of a clear translation quite often you can hear a "murmur", incoherent translation or even far from the original.

As such interpretation is consecutive interpreting, the interpreter can expect a lot of pitfalls that complicate the course work. But the difference between professional and novice translators is precisely what a professional can easily overcome all difficulties in the process, and the inexperienced and untrained interpreter will stumble at every step.

Our Translation Agency provides professional consecutive interpreting at a high level. And this work in many ways is more complicated in intensity than the usual interpretation average.

The competence of our translators and interpreters based on their professionalism, practice, a high level of native and foreign language.

We will pick up on your event interpreter right skills and the necessary thematic direction.

We suggest you to avoid the risk of poor-quality consecutive interpreting by contacting our experts. We managed to win the trust and to get recommendations of many our clients.

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