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The LOWEST PRICES on translations in Kiev!

This is the policy of our company!


The LOWEST PRICES on translations in Kiev!

This is the policy of our company!


Translation of licenses

Samples of licenses:


How to order a translation of license?

To order the translation of certificates to send us mail [email protected]:

  • copy of license;
  • specify the target language;
  • specify the type of authentication (notary or seal of Translation Agency);
  • delivery times;
  • Your contact phone number.

Do you have a question or consultation?

Ask our manager directly on the site!

Or call our experts by phone: (044) 223-23-88(044) 223-23-88, (044) 234-48-10(044) 234-48-10.

Translation license you may need for official recognition of the document in another country. It refers to certificate of identity, driver license, pension certificate, certificate of war veteran, certificate of a disabled person's right to rebates, certificate of civil servant etc. This kind of translation is a popular service, as a rule, such translation must be notarized or authenticate the seal of Translation Agency. Translation in this case only to be signed copies.

Translation of license and their notarization is performed regardless of the country of origin of the document.

Our Translation Agency at a high level to carry out the translation and notarized signature of the translator for more than 40 languages.

As it should be carried out notarized translation of the document as proof?

Notarized translation of certificates is performed by a qualified translator who is a certified and registered with a notary.

Under most of the translation must be signed by the translator, his surname, first name and some of what language to translate. On the reverse side of the document of identification label located notary, which confirms the authenticity of the signature of an interpreter and, in some cases, it assures the faithful copy of the document. The entire document is stitched, signed and stamped by a notary.

In some cases, the translation of certificates is sufficient to assure the seal of Translation Agency, notarization is not required.


If you need urgent certified translations of licenses, contact our agency, you can get a finished document within 1 day (possible implementation of 1-1.5 hours). Everything will depend on the target language and the number of documents.

Urgent implementation of the transfer of certificates and subsequent notarization or stamped by the Translation Agency of 1-2 working days.

Thanks to the skills of our employees and many years of experience, we are doing the most minimal terms, the translation of certificates and other documents with subsequent notarization of all existing rules and regulations.

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