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The LOWEST PRICES on translations in Kiev!

This is the policy of our company!


The LOWEST PRICES on translations in Kiev!

This is the policy of our company!


Translation of certificates

Options for certificates to be converted:


How to order a translation of certificates?

To order a translation of certificates to send us mail: [email protected]:

  • a good copy of the certificate;
  • specify the target language;
  • specify how certified translation (notary or seal of Translation Agency);
  • delivery times;
  • Your contact phone number.

Do you have a question or consultation?

Ask our manager directly on the site!

Or call our experts by phone: (044) 223-23-88(044) 223-23-88 , (044) 234-48-10(044) 234-48-10..

Translation of certificates to the standard reference documents. Certificates issued by the standard form, and text on these documents are not more than 1800 characters with spaces.

 Translation of certificates is demanded kind of translation of documents, which is necessary for the preparation of the list of documents for traveling abroad.

 If notarization and stamped by the Translation Agency, reference is often filed to the original as issued on request. This is different from other types of standard documents such as issued by civil registry offices. Translation of certificate is stitched document, which is initially the original or a copy of the certificate, which filed the translation. The entire document is certified by a notary certifying text and seal.

 If the translation of certificate is necessary seal the Translation Agency, is a kind of assurance can be issued in two-way:

  1. Translation filed the original or copies, signed and stamped by the Translation Agency transfers.
  2. On the translation of identification put signature and seal of the Translation Agency, without suturing, or a copy of the original.

Both the first and the second option are valid and issued in accordance with the requirements and wishes of the client.

 Certifying text notary and Translation Agency will look something like this.



There are two kinds of translation and notarization of certificates, urgent and non-urgent.

 Urgent translation is considered made on the day of the order. Translation and notarized in such a case can be made for 1-2 hours, depending on the set deadlines.

 Translations to 10 certificates are carried out for a fixed rate on the next day after ordering.

 Translation of certificate made in the Translation Agency, you may need to:

  • submission of documents for a visa;
  • the formation of a package of documents for study abroad;
  • prepare a list of the documents to work abroad;
  • processing aids;
  • obtaining permits to acquire real property purchase.

In order to obtain high-quality translation help, you should contact an experienced Translation Agency.

The specialists of our Translation Agency in the shortest time make out your order, if necessary, this is done distant, without coming to the office.

Managers will update you with all the necessary information, the spelling of names and surnames, the name of the company. The convenient date for you will perform to translating of certificate and subsequent notarization of the translation.

The result of our work is the translation of certificate with the necessary assurances of view, depending on the institution where the translation is required.

Do not spend too much time and effort; contact a reliable agency "World Translation."

Our experience and expertise work for you!

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