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The LOWEST PRICES on translations in Kiev!

This is the policy of our company!


The LOWEST PRICES on translations in Kiev!

This is the policy of our company!


Translation of evidence

A man from birth receives an official confirmation of the event in the form of a birth certificate. Such evidence of formal everyone throughout life appears a certain amount.

By official evidence include the following documents:

  • birth certificate;
  • marriage certificate;
  • divorce certificate;
  • certificate of last name, given name and patronymic alteration;
  • death certificate.

There is also evidence for legal entities:

  • certificate of registration of the enterprise;
  • certificate of tax payer;
  • certificate of ownership of property and land;
  • many other certificates that are issued to legal entities at registration.

How to order a translation of certificates?

To order a translation of certificates to send us mail: [email protected]:

  • a good copy of the certificate;
  • specify the target language and if it is needed specify how certified translation (notary or seal of Translation Agency);
  • delivery times;
  • Your contact phone number.

Do you have a question or consultation?

Ask our manager directly on the site!

Or call our experts by phone: (044) 223-23-88(044) 223-23-88 , (044) 234-48-10(044) 234-48-10.


Translations of evidence are a translation of the standard document established standards ISO R9. This type of translation is necessary for the formation of a package of documents for opening an exit visa, paperwork for permanent residence, leisure travel, study, work.

In order to evidence considered legal in the territory of another country, it must be translated and notarized. Translation of certificate is stitched and sealed with the signature and seal of a notary document for A4 paper. In the case of a notarized translation of evidence to the translation filed copy of the document. The translator puts his signature in the translation, which is notarized.


When a certified translation of the certificate printing Translation Agency, stitched paper, sealed with a stamp and seal. On the stamp shows the number of pages in the document and stitched from which language into which language to translate. The authenticity of the translation is confirmed by the signature of the Chief of the Translation Agency.

We can offer urgent the translation of evidence.

Timeline for such translation from 1 hour to several hours, depending on the number of certificates.

Not urgent translation executed on the next business day from the date of registration of the order, with the number of certificates from 1 to 10 documents. Translation of evidence of more than 10 documents is between 1 hour and more, depending on the number of documents.

Translation of evidences and other standard documents, you may also need the following cases:

  • of the state bodies;
  • your temporary or permanent residence registration;
  • legalization of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine;
  • consular legalization in Ukraine;
  • nostrification;
  • vindication of documents;
  • obtaining permits.

In each case, you need a different set of services for translation, notarization and legalization.

 Successful completion of the translation of evidence depends on the well-executed translation in compliance with existing rules and regulations on registration of such documents. For the quality of the translation of evidence, also need to seek the correct spelling of names and proper names that contain evidence.

 When placing the order Translation Agency specifies all the necessary information, it includes: the purpose of the translation of documents, further evidence of the structure of supply. This allows to perform the correct translation, which fully satisfied customer.

 We suggest you do not take risks with registration translation of evidences to the Bureau of dubious origin, called tempting low price.

 Entrust your document translation specialists of our Translation Agency, they will help you to quickly determine the type of transfer and view its notarization. Will offer the most optimal terms of translation and notarization.

 During our work, we have managed to win a good reputation and recommendations of our customers. We suggest you see for themselves the quality and reliability of services provided.


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