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The LOWEST PRICES on translations in Kiev!

This is the policy of our company!


The LOWEST PRICES on translations in Kiev!

This is the policy of our company!


Translation of medical documents

How to order a translation of medical documents?

To order translations of medical documents send e-mail [email protected]:

  • good scanned copy of your document. If it is a specification in medical or pharmaceutical technics,  send the document in present format;
  • specify the target language;
  • specify the kind of assurances, if necessary (notary, stamp of Translation Bureau);
  • desired date of the execution of the order;
  • Your mob. telephone number.

Do you have a question about translation of medical documents?

Ask our manager directly on the site!

Or call our experts by phone: (044) 223-23-88, (044) 234-48-10

Translation of medical documents – is a translation of a number of documents and other normative medical documents. Medical topics include the following types of translations:

  • translation of specialized medical and scientific-medical publications;
  • translation of laboratory tests;
  • translation of epicrisis;
  • translation of medical documents (certificates, medical findings, diacrisis, refill prescriptions, medicolegal proceedings);
  • translation of medical permission documentation (permits, certificates, assessments);
  • translation of medical documentation (docket  for medical devices,  normative medical regulations, dockets  for pharmaceutical equipment).

Much of the above mentioned documents can be notarial certified, by stamp of Translation Bureau, Apostille.


Translation of medical documents to be submitted to the consulate and foreign institutions must be notarized, and if necessary legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine or by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine. Notarized translation is a stitched to the original document or a copy of which is filed translation. Under the transfer shall be signed by an interpreter, and on the reverse side of the entire document notary certifies the translator's signature. If the translation is filed to the copy, then the notary certifies the authenticity and fidelity copy of the translator's signature.

Certifying of translation of medical document by stamp of translation bureau is as follows:

it is stitched and sealed by stamp and seal of Translation Bureau. There shall be indicated from what language into which language the translation was made, the number of pages and set the signature of the director of the Translation Bureau.

Translation of medical documents with their further notarial certifying or any other certifying also may be necessary in such cases:

  • getting permission documentation for medical preparations, which prepared and issued in Ukraine for further export to other countries;
  • for systematic submission a notarized translation of standard medical documentation to the state licensing authorities (applies to the activities of medical and pharmaceutical companies);
  • registration of medical documents related to human health;
  • to accept financial assistance from other country for the human treatment.

Translation of medical documents is a translation of the text of medical subjects from one foreign language into another. Medical subjects  include the following documents:

  • private person documents;
  • articles and publications of medical direction;
  • permission documentation for medicine and pharmacy;
  • engineering and assembly instructions all sorts of medical and pharmaceutical machinery and equipment.

High-quality and successful implementation of medical translation determined by the importance of translated information, namely respect for the accuracy and confidentiality of transferred information

Translation of medical documents has a set of features among which is a strongly pronounced technique of using terminology. Therefore, a person with a scholarship who does not have certain skills and experience in the field of translation is unlikely to do the translation qualitative.

During ordering options to translation of medical documents, managers of our Translation agency specify all necessary information with client. This information includes the spelling of proper names, abbreviation expansion, which are known to the client. Such information is necessary for qualitative translation of medical documents. Translators who work on texts and documents of medical direction, have extensive experience with medical records and a high level of foreign language.

Our translation agency has a leading position among other translation bureaus, thanks to highly qualified translators, professionals working with clients, editors and other staff who have been more than 6 years dutifully works for the benefit of our clients and for the benefit of our company.

We offer you to assure of the reliability and quality of our services!                                  

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