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The LOWEST PRICES on translations in Kiev!

This is the policy of our company!


The LOWEST PRICES on translations in Kiev!

This is the policy of our company!



The sample of certificate issued in the result of the procedure of nostrification.

What is Nostrificationя?

This is a procedure for recognition of foreign educational documents, which is done by the establishment of an academic, educational and professional rights, educational qualification level acquired abroad, state standards of education of Ukraine.

Such a procedure is introduced, and works to ensure the rights to further education and professional activities in the territory of Ukraine of citizens who have been educated abroad.

Nostrification is carried out on an individual basis.

How to order the service of Nostrification?

To order nostrification just send e-mail [email protected]:

  • request for completion of the procedure of nostrification;
  • specify the name of educational document and country, where you were educated;
  • specify Your mobile phone number.

If you decided to continue education or your professional activities in Ukraine, then you don’t dispense without Nostrification. 

It is very complicated and laborious procedure. Nostrification consist of three basic stages:

  1. Procedure of serve of documents.
  2. Packet of necessary documents assembly, including notarial copies, notarial notarized translation of documents.
  3. Procedure of receipt of certificate or other answer from a corresponding state structure.

You have question on a Nostrification?

Set him to our manager straight on a web-site!

Will call to our specialists by telephone: (044)223-23-88, (044)234-48-10.

For passing of the first stage it is needed to prepare the list of documents, among that statement on passing of procedure, that needs to be filled in Ukrainian language without corrections and legibly.

To hand in an application about consent to the use of the personal data, that is filled in English or Russian language, depending on a country.

To prepare a notarial office-copy, that must be preliminary legalized (printing Apostille or consular printing) about education, notarial notarized copy of appendix to the document about education, that must be preliminary legalized (printing Apostille or consular printing).

Except these basic documents, it is needed to give the row of additional documents, such as:

  • copy of document that certifies personality of declarant;
  • copy of document about education;
  • copy of certificate to changing of the last name or name, if such are present;
  • warrant (in case of serve of documents other person).

It is needed very attentively and professionally to walk up to this question, because the term of realization of procedure of Nostrification depends on a care and rightness of preparation of documents.

If you want to economize your time and nerves, we suggest appealing to the specialists of our Agency of translations that will do all necessary work skilled.

Our Agency of translation executed all spectrum of services in a Nostrification:  from consultation on passing of procedure of Nostrification to the complete packet of documents assembly. This complete filling of all necessary questionnaires and statements on the English and Russian languages in the necessary amount of copies, implementation of translating of documents about education with subsequent notarial assertion of translation. Also, we execute legalization of documents (filling in of printing Apostille or to the consular printing) and we carry out serve of documents, we conduct control of consideration of package of documents, submit documents on the second stage of Nostrification.

We will be glad to help you in implementation of Nostrification of documents. 

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