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The LOWEST PRICES on translations in Kiev!

This is the policy of our company!


The LOWEST PRICES on translations in Kiev!

This is the policy of our company!


Nowadays translation services are extremely popular as the modern world becomes internationally developed and continuous process of globalization is only contributing to this. It should be noted that with the help of translation we can allow normal communication between people of different nationalities.

Our office offers the following services:
• Translation of documents and texts;
• Getting a non-conviction certificate;
• Consecutive interpretation;
• Apostille and legalization of documents in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine;
• Apostille and legalization of documents of education in the Ministry of Education of Ukraine;
• Certification of documents in city and regional Department of Justice;
• Notarization;
• Nostrification of documents of education;
• Reclamation of documents.

Translation - is a service that may be needed for each person who has an active civil position. After all, almost everyone at least once in their lives got the chance to go abroad, or simply needed help at school or work. Nowadays, there is a sphere of translation agencies. This is the place where you can get real help. It employs true professionals who can help you translate all the texts and documents that will require a notarization or translation agency certification in the future. If we talk about the translation of standard documents, usually there is a need in the translation of documents such as passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, diploma and certificates of education of other standards, certification of different samples and other documents of a personal nature.
To translate texts of special topics, such as the translation of documents of technical, medical, pharmaceutical, artistic, literary, telecommunications, economic, legal and other areas. We employ translators and special experts, which are involved in projects matching their directions.

Non-conviction certificate – is a very popular service, which is essential to many Ukrainian citizens when traveling abroad, as well as to institutions of Ukraine. Specialists of our agency will fill out a power of attorney to obtain a non-conviction certificate. Consultation on the choice of purpose of receiving the document is also provided by our agency. We offer an opportunity to obtain a non-conviction certificate during 1 day in urgent mode. It is also possible to get this certificate in normal mode in 2-10 working days period.

Interpretation is important for modern society, as written is, so this direction is actively developed. Our experts will carry out consecutive and simultaneous interpretation, and also "broadcast with a sheet" is possible. This service is popular during different events such as: conferences, congresses, summits, workshops, seminars, presentations, business meetings, telephone conversations. Experts of our organization - are true professionals who have skills and experience in these areas and have proven themselves in the past projects.

Apostille - is one of the ways of legalization of documents, which is also an extremely popular service in our company. If a person needs to travel abroad for work or for personal reasons - he needs to apostille all the necessary documents at home. This procedure is necessary only for those people who are going to use their documents abroad. This certification is carried out to ensure that all personal documents are legal and valid on the territory of another country. It should be noted that the "Hague Convention", which was signed in 1961, involves an implicit recognition of official documents, which has an "Apostille" stamp. Its presence assures a signature of an official person, who released this specific document, as well as the authenticity of the stamp, which binds the paper. This stamp can be put by several authorities in Ukraine. These are the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Our translation agency offers you the opportunity to carry out this procedure in the shortest time possible, because we have the best specialists. If necessary, the employees of our office can also carry out a certification of your documents in city or regional Department of Justice.

Notarization is an essential service in the performance of translation. This service is provided in full, for notarization of all documents that are completed according to the established notarial requirements. It should be noted that this is the most common method of authentication of documents and their translations. At the same time the client needs to remember that to obtain a notarized translation of the document he must present the original document. We provide notarization of translation of documents more than to 35 languages.

Nostrification – is a service of recognition of documents of education received in another country that are needed to be used in Ukraine. This service is relatively new; nevertheless, our specialists are qualified to advise you on the procedure of nostrification. The minimum amount of time of nostrification in urgent mode is about 5 working days. The maximum can be up to 3 months. To obtain the appropriate document from the authorized government agency, you must fill out a form and application in several languages, prepare notarial copies and translation of required documents. A full range of services of preparation of documents, their submission and any other stages of nostrification can be performed by our professionals if you need this service.

Reclamation of documents – is a service of re-obtaining the documents issued by the civil registry, or other. To obtain a duplicate of a document you should contact consulate with a written request. After that you need to fill a form in several copies in the Ukrainian language. Regardless of the result of the query, the visa fee is not refundable, after obtaining a duplicate of the document you will need a translation, notarial translation, legalization or apostille stamp.

All of these services, our translation agency will provide qualitatively and in time.

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